Waldkorn® takes the time for taste

Bread as it is supposed to taste? You’ll find that at Waldkorn®. Because at Waldkorn®, we take the time for taste.

It all starts with our grains and seeds, which are given all the time they need to mature and grow in peace. This is the only way for them to develop their delicious, full taste.

After that, for each type of bread we put together a specific combination of grains and seeds which is used by your baker. With care and respect for craftsmanship and tradition. This results in a range of unique craft breads that, above all, are absolutely delicious.

This way you can take the time to enjoy them to the full. Alone or with other people!

Lots of variaty

Waldkorn® offers a wide range of delicious breads in two product lines: Traditional Grains and Ancient Grains.

Waldkorn® Traditionele granen

Traditional grains

Delicious bread varieties, prepared with a carefully selected blend of the best-known grains.

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Waldkorn® Oude granen

Ancient grains

Authentic bread varieties with the rich, unrivalled taste of real ancient grains.

Read more about Ancient grains Waldkorn® Oude granen

Waldkorn®, The Original

Why is Waldkorn really ‘The Original’? Because ever since the start, we have always guaranteed the craftsmanship and authenticity of the traditional baker. Our very first bread - the Waldkorn® Classic - appeared on the Dutch market in 1989. A dark-coloured, airy multigrain bread, richly decorated with extra grains and seeds. Often copied but never equalled.

Since then, Waldkorn® has developed to become the most well-known make of bread on the market. But Waldkorn® was not only the first of its kind; we continue to surprise with new ideas. Such as our breads made with ancient grains, for instance, which we have been proud to include in our range for a number of years now. And we keep on innovating, with new tastes fully in line with the expectations of today and tomorrow.

Back to basics

Bread has been a staple for centuries. The main ingredients are ground grain, water, yeast (or desem) and salt. At Waldkorn®, we then add flavourings. These may be additional grain types (such as spelt, rye, oats, einkorn or emmer wheat), desem, malt, seeds (linseed or sunflower seeds, for instance) and sometimes even spices! These combinations result in a wide range of breads with different tastes, smells and colours.

Waldkorn®, quality through the years

What began with a single bread developed into a fully fledged brand. At Waldkorn®, you will find a series of high-quality breads with a full taste, known and loved by consumers and bakers alike.

The Waldkorn® logo underwent a metamorphosis, too. We’d like to show you the development from bread to brand.

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