Nieuw! Waldkorn® Bio Desem

NEW! Waldkorn® Organic Sourdough

Bake-off bread prepared in the traditional Belgian way

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Nieuw! Waldkorn® Proteïne Volkoren proteïnebrood voor een dag vol energie

Waldkorn® Protein

Whole grain protein bread for an energy-filled day

A whole grain multigrain bread, rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Soon available at your local bakery.

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Waldkorn Deluxe

Waldkorn® Deluxe

Wholemeal multigrain bread

An extra dark and robust wholemeal bread

Waldkorn Deluxe
Waldkorn Deluxe Waldkorn Deluxe

Waldkorn® with farmer’s omelette

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Waldkorn Classic

Waldkorn® Classic

Multigrain bread

The bread it all started with

Waldkorn Classic
Waldkorn Classic Waldkorn Classic

Waldkorn® shrimp crostini

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Graan in de kijker

Waldkorn® Ancient Grains

Savour the rich taste of pure tradition

More about these grains
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