Say cheese: tips for a delicious cheese fondue with Waldkorn®!

There’s nothing like a cheese fondue with friends or family. Enjoying a cosy chat with a great meal. But which cheese is best? And what are the tastiest dips for a cheese fondue? Our tips and tricks will help you create a fun-filled fondue evening at home.

How do you choose the best cheese?

A good cheese fondue starts with choosing the cheese. You can buy a ready-to-use cheese mix for fondue at the store. But of course, it’s more fun to look for the best combination of various hard, tasty cheeses yourself. How much cheese do you need? Allow around 200 grams per person and use cheese that melts well, like mature Gouda. Add some sharper cheese for extra taste. Old cheese, for example, or blue cheese such as gorgonzola.

Preparing your cheese fondue 

Take your cheese fondue pot and rub garlic on the inside for extra taste. Grate all the cheeses and melt them in the fondue pot. Add some dry white wine (approximately 1/3 of the quantity of cheese) so that you have a smooth mixture. You can also use beer. For people who don’t want alcohol, milk is an ideal replacement. Bind the cheese mixture with cornstarch if it is too runny. Add lemon juice for a touch of freshness or go for extra tang with a little spoonful of mustard.

Which dips should you serve with the cheese fondue?

The best part of a cheese fondue is of course the delicious sides that you dip in the cheese. Lots of people go for classics like pieces of bread and cauliflower florets, but you can do just as you like!

Bread and cheese: irresistible

The ultimate classic! The tastiest way is to put several types of bread on the table. For example, you could choose Waldkorn® Classic and our Waldkorn® Deluxe for a tangier taste. Ask the baker to leave the loaf unsliced and cut it into thick soldiers at home. Perfect to dip in the cheese. Or you can make crispy croutons that you draw through the cheese on a skewer. Or go for a luxury version of the soldiers with this recipe!

Fruit and vegetables to dip

Another tasty option is to put crispy vegetables on the table, such as broccoli, peppers, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Delicious too: potatoes. Cook a few baby potatoes and then roast them in the oven with a little olive oil and some rosemary. And while you’re roasting: put some aubergines, parsnips and courgettes in the oven, too. Be inspired by the season and conjure up some delicious vegetables!

Fruit is another option! The combination of savoury and sweet is the perfect way to end the evening. Grapes and apples are ideal. Want to be original? Pineapple adds an exotic touch.

Meat with the cheese fondue

You can have a lovely vegetarian meal, but some people always like to have a little meat with a cheese fondue, too. Here again, you can serve up some great options. Cubes of salami or steak are the obvious choice, but you could also provide small hamburgers or pieces of chicken. Or delicious spicy meatballs (possibly in a vegetarian version). And don’t forget the classics! A piece of ham with chicory makes your cheese fondue a real reminder of grandma’s cooking!

Enjoy! Be sure to share your cheese fondue evening with Waldkorn® on social media with the hashtag #lekkerwaldkorn!

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