This is where our ancient grains are grown

The tastiest bread is made using the best ingredients. And for that, we at Waldkorn® go a long way.

Perhaps you’ve already tried one of our breads made with ancient grains? The pure taste of grains such as einkorn, emmer and Khorasan is truly irresistible. To discover the unique character of these grains, we at Waldkorn® (literally) went in search of the roots of these precursors of our modern-day grain types.

A suitable climate

As most ancient grains do not thrive in our part of the world, our quest led us to Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, where the soil and the climate are more suitable.

Grains such as einkorn, emmer and wild rye do well in the poorer ground found in this region. What’s more, these grains are naturally fairly resistant to diseases. So they require less intensive farming. Growing various grain types also stimulates biodiversity. So that’s a twofold benefit for nature!

Unique cooperation

We cooperate with farmers in the regions mentioned above via ‘contract farming’. This means that they grow these ancient grains exclusively for Waldkorn®. So the cooperation with these farmers is the ideal way for Waldkorn® to guarantee you the best quality at all times.

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