5 tips to keep your bread fresh longer!

It happens to everyone. At the end of the working week, you still have some bread left over and at the weekend you don’t feel like eating sandwiches. But what is the best way to store bread so that it stays fresh longer? Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your Waldkorn® bread for longer!

1. Don’t keep bread in the fridge

It may seem to be a real household tip, but it definitely isn’t. Actually, your bread will not last as long if you put in the fridge. Why? Because the starch in the bread secretes water at a temperature that fluctuates between –5°C and +5 °C. That means your bread dries out faster. So don’t do it!

2. Keep your bread in a bread bin

A bread bin is always a good investment. Put your bread in a plastic bag, too. That will keep it nice and soft for longer. Do you prefer a crunchy crust? Then use a paper bread bag. Make sure the bread bin is always clean, dry and properly closed. If condensation forms in the bread bin, the bread will go off faster.

3. Buy an unsliced loaf

A sliced loaf is a classic at the baker's, but there are lots of advantages to buying your bread unsliced, too. Because if your bread stays whole, it doesn’t dry out as quickly. So cut the slices you need every day and that way, you will enjoy deliciously soft bread for longer.

4. Keep extra bread in the freezer

Is one loaf more than enough for you or do you buy several loaves at a time? In that case, store your Waldkorn® in the freezer right away. Are you freezing an entire loaf? Then you can just leave it in the bread bag. It is better to keep several slices in a separate freezer bag. Don’t keep the bread in the freezer for too long or it will dry out and lose its taste.

5. Do you have old bread left over anyway?

Don’t throw it away, whatever you do! There are so many tasty things that you can use old bread for! What about a gorgeous bread pudding, for instance? And French toast is always a hit, too!

Want more tips about your Waldkorn® bread? Check out our FAQ page!

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