Waldkorn® Organic Sourdough, a co-creation by CSM and De Trog

Organic Bakery De Trog and CSM Ingredients are joining forces to bring four types of Waldkorn® organic bread to the market: pain pavé, soft rolls, pull-apart bread and a baguette. The bread is made from a home-made sourdough starter and is available in vacuum-sealed packaging for an extended best-by-date. Organic Bakery De Trog will be bringing Waldkorn® Organic Sourdough bread to the Benelux market, concentrating on organic speciality shops that uphold the values of traditional craftsmanship and food service. Bake-off bread prepared in the traditional Belgian way, for every bread lover.

Four types of organic bread for every moment of the day

Fancy a crusty loaf for your breakfast? Try our pain pavé. Or how about a soft roll with lots of healthy toppings for lunch? Waldkorn®’s new line offers organic bread for every moment of the day. There are four variants of Waldkorn® Organic Sourdough bread, available in vacuum-sealed packaging for an extended best-by date.

  • Waldkorn® Organic Sourdough multi-grain pain pavé
  • Waldkorn® Organic multi-grain soft roll
  • Waldkorn® Organic Sourdough multi-grain pull-apart bread
  • Waldkorn® Organic Sourdough multi-grain baguette

The use of natural ingredients and the addition of home-made sourdough and stone-ground whole-wheat flour to the typical Waldkorn® Classic recipe give this bread a genuine organic twist. The familiar Waldkorn® topping remains the same.

Waldkorn® and Organic Bakery De Trog: a perfect harmony of values

Due to a growing awareness of the food we consume, the cry for organic alternatives is growing louder. This has not escaped our notice at Waldkorn®. Waldkorn® has been a well-known bread brand of CSM Ingredients since 1989, producing flour mixes for no less than 9 unique types of bread. The innovative brand strives for continuous product improvement and imposes strict quality requirements on its products. It is therefore hardly surprising that Waldkorn® has found a worthy partner in De Trog, an organic bakery known for its CO²-neutral production process, its own starter culture, long rising times and wonderfully moist dough. Waldkorn® Organic Sourdough is a traditionally crafted co-creation of two pioneers with a mission in the world of baking. Thanks to this partnership, Waldkorn® is launching bread that is both organic and sourdough.

The unique flavour of Waldkorn®

Waldkorn®’s good taste deserves time. True to tradition, the Waldkorn® baker always selects a special mix of delicious grains and seeds. A Waldkorn® bread is not only tasty; this high-quality product is made according to the principles of traditional craftsmanship. The light, fluffy breads are bursting with flavour. It’s not without reason that Waldkorn® has conquered the hearts of many a baker – including Organic Bakery De Trog!

Organic: the addition of Organic Bakery De Trog’s sourdough

Organic Bakery de Trog makes its bread from exclusively organic ingredients, according to a traditional baking procedure. The bakery uses its own sourdough culture, which results in extended rising times, a superlative flavour and a wonderful texture. Its bread also contains more nutrients. This sourdough culture is the signature ingredient of this organic bakery. The dough is always moist and made with a genuine love for the baker’s craft. Moreover, the baker uses little or no yeast, which allows the bread to remain fresh longer. The addition of sourdough and whole-wheat flour to the Waldkorn® flour blend prolongs the production process of Waldkorn® organic bread by several hours. Thanks to these additions by Organic Bakery De Trog, the new line of Waldkorn® bread has obtained organic certification and is of an unprecedented standard of quality. Quality you can taste. In short: a responsible choice in a healthy diet.

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