Waldkorn® frambozenfantasie

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Waldkorn® raspberry fantasy

Working method

Top a slice of Waldkorn® with the dry cured ham. Place a slice of pâté on top and wrap the pâté in the dry cured ham. Garnish with 4 raspberries and a few tarragon leaves. op the other slice of Waldkorn® with a slice of leg ham and wrap the pâté in the leg ham. Again garnish with 4 raspberries. Stack the slices on top of each other. Garnish with raspberry vinaigrette or serve the sauce separately in a jar. 


1 person
  • slices Waldkorn® Dark Whole Wheat
  • 1 slice dry cured ham
  • 2 slices game pâté (or any other pâté to your liking)
  • 1 slice leg ham
  • 8 raspberries
  • raspberry vinaigrette
  • tarragon leaves
time 5 - 10 minutes

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