Waldkorn® Protein : looking after yourself never tasted this good

Eating well is not just about balance, but also about flavour. With Waldkorn® Protein looking after yourself never tasted this good!. This whole grain multigrain bread is rich in protein and fibre, but low in carbohydrates. Perfect for those who like to play sports, are still actively growing, or just enjoy an energetic lifestyle.

The pure taste of multigrain

Savoury or sweet toppings? Waldkorn® Protein is the perfect match for any ingredient. A great choice for lunch, brunch or breakfast! And thanks to the typical Waldkorn® mix of traditional grains you get to enjoy deliciousy light bread, with every bite.

Protein: your body’s building blocks

Waldkorn® Protein is rich in protein, which make up no less than 30% of its energetic value (calories). Proteins are one of the most important nutrients for your body. They don’t only supply it with energy, but are also beneficial for your bones and muscles.

Less snack attacks? More fibre!

WaldkornWaldkorn® Protéiné contient plus de 6 % de fibres pour 100 g de pain, dans le plus pur respect de la pyramide alimentaire. Voilà qui est du pain béni pour ceux qui souhaitent réduire leurs envies de grignotage. En effet, une quantité accrue de fibres vous procure une sensation de satiété plus longue, Protein contains  > 6 g of fibre per 100 grams, which makes it a perfect component for the ‘Schijf van 5’ and  food triangle. Good news for those who want to cut down on snacks. Eating more fibre fills you up, which keeps hunger pangs at bay and helps you conquer those snack attacks.

Sufficient carbs

Yes, carbs are an essential part of your faily diet. Your body transforms them into glucose, which then supplies you with enough energy. Waldkorn® Protein contains a balanced amount of carbs. Less than a regular whole grain multigrain bread, but more than a low-carb option*.


*Comparison with Nederlands Voedingsstoffenbestand (NEVO 2784 en NEVO 3007).

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