About Waldkorn

Waldkorn® is the brand that guarantees a unique taste experience for lovers of authenticity and craftsmanship. After years of experience and with respect for tradition, we select a special blend of delicious grains and seeds for every bread type. All ingredients are given the time to grow and ripen. Then our Waldkorn® bakers take the time to bake the bread, with passion and with attention to every detail. Waldkorn® takes the time to reveal the flavour.

Waldkorn, the original

Since the introduction of the first Waldkorn® loaf of bread in 1989, Waldkorn® has become the most well-known bread brand on the Belgian market. Waldkorn® stands for the craftsmanship and authenticity of the artisan baker. Waldkorn® is often copied, but has never been equalled. Waldkorn® is and will always be the original.

A rich history

Bread has long been a commodity product. The main ingredient for bread originated from wild grasses: cereal grain. The first grain type used for baking bread was Einkorn. Later Emmer emerged and later still came Spelt, the precursor of the soft wheat we have today. Waldkorn® comes in flavoursome varieties using modern grains as well as authentic ancient grains, such as Einkorn and Emmer.
The first loaves of bread were baked in Mesopotamia. The Egyptians adopted the custom of baking bread and then it spread all over the world. Until 1870, loaves were always baked without yeast. Instead, people used pre-ferment or sourdough. This method added more flavour, but more time was needed to allow the loaf to rise. Waldkorn® has a Sourdough variety using a pre-ferment that is left to rise for 19 hours.

About the baker

The Waldkorn® baker weighs the right quantities of whole-wheat or white flour, water, yeast and salt. Intensive kneading results in a stretchable, elastic dough that is given sufficient time to rise and is then decorated with crunchy grains and seeds. After this, the dough goes into the oven, either on the oven floor or in a baking tin. You can smell the delicious aroma of fresh bread in the bakery. The loaves’ exteriors slowly change colour and gain a deliciously crispy crust. Loaves are baked for about 30 to 45 minutes. Rolls are ready in 10 to 15 minutes. This artisan baking process gives all Waldkorn® bread its rich, authentic flavour.

The best ingredients

Bread is a natural product. The basic ingredients of bread are whole-wheat and white flour (both are ground grains), water, yeast or sourdough and salt. The most common grain is soft wheat, but rye and maize are also used for baking bread. In order to achieve an extra rich flavour, malts and other grains (such as oats or barley) or seeds (such as linseed, sesame seeds or sunflower seeds) are added to the Waldkorn® varieties. Yeast or sourdough is required to make the dough rise.

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