Ancient grains

It is only recently that interest in ancient cereals has started to grow again, but there seem to be some misconceptions concerning the original ancient cereals. As opposed to pseudo cereals, only Emmer, Einkorn, Khorasan and Ancient Rye can be considered ancient cereals, because only they stem from the family of grasses (graminoids). This makes them the legitimate genetic ancestors of all current cereals. We are happy to offer you more information on these ancient cereals.

Modern cereal grains

A delicious roll for breakfast, a savoury sandwich for lunch, some sweet pastries in between and a few tasty slices of whole-grain bread for dinner – most of our daily nutrition is primarily based on some kind or cereal or another. But while we tend to prefer today’s wheat, barley, oat or rye, we seem to have forgotten about the tasteful, delicious ancient cereal types all of the above grains originated from.