Waldkorn®, good taste deserves time

At Waldkorn®, we know that good bread takes time. That is why we allow our grains and seeds to grow and ripen until they have developed a rich, full flavour. Only then is it time for our bakers to get to work. Every loaf is made with passion and respect for craftsmanship and tradition. The result is a range of unique, traditional bread varieties with a delicious taste. Because good taste deserves time, and good times deserve the best taste. Whether you want to enjoy our bread alone or with the people you love.

Waldkorn® The Original

Since Waldkorn® created its first loaf in 1989, it has grown into the most famous bread brand on the market. Waldkorn® stands for traditional craft and authenticity. It is often imitated, but never duplicated, and that truly makes it 'The Original'.

Did you know that ... the very first loaves of bread were baked in Mesopotamia?

Back to basics

Bread has been around for centuries. Bread is made with ground grain, water, yeast (or sourdough starter) and salt. Waldkorn® sometimes adds extra flavour with special grains (such as spelt, rye, oats, einkorn or emmer), sourdough starter, malts, seeds (such as linseed or sunflower seeds) and sometimes even spices.

Did you know that ... bread rises only when yeast or sourdough starter is added?

A wide variety

Waldkorn® offers lots of delicious bread varieties within 2 product lines: Multigrain and Ancient Grains.

Waldkorn<sup>®</sup> Multigrain

Waldkorn® Multigrain

Our classics, prepared with a carefully selected mix of delicious grains and seeds

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Waldkorn<sup>®</sup> Ancient Grains

Waldkorn® Ancient Grains

Authentic bread varieties with the rich, unrivalled taste of ancient grains

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Crafted with love

When our grains and seeds are at their best, the Waldkorn® bakers create their loaves of bread with great attention to detail and respect for traditional craftsmanship. First, the right amounts of flour, water, yeast and salt are weighed. Then, everything is firmly kneaded into elastic dough, which is allowed to rest for a long time. Each loaf is then formed by hand and finished with grains and/or seeds. Finally, the loaves go into the oven to be baked. The bread is baked either on the oven floor or in a baking tin and then leaves the oven with a delicious, crispy crust. It is this full traditional process that gives our bread its rich and authentic taste.

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